About Us


Prof. Gary Black BSc PhD (CNAA)

Technical Director

BSc (Hons) in Applied Biology (1988)
PhD in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry (1992)

Research and Development Interests:
expression of recombinant enzymes in Escherichia coli & Pichia pastoris and their biochemical and structural characterisation
proteomic and metabolomic analysis of prokaryoates
analysis of recombinant protein heterogeneity
I am interested in the use of genomic and metagenomic data to discover novel enzyme specificities and activities, and the subsequent use of mutagenesis methods for optimization. I have expertise in a number of different enzyme groups including nitrile active enzymes, carbonyl reductases, carbohydrate active enzymes, and cytochrome P450s. My group uses a pair of Thermo Q-Exactives to perform proteomic and metabolomic analyses to follow the biochemistry of model organisms.



Dr Justin Perry BA MA PhD

Commercial Director

BA. MA (Cantab) in Natural Sciences (1990), Part II in Chemistry
PhD (Trinity College, Dublin) (1995) in synthetic and analytical chemistry

Research and Development Interests