Custom made enzymes

We can supply:

  • Any desired enzyme activity: we can provide a sample of almost any enzyme with a recognized catalytic activity that interests you (typical time frame: 1 month)
  • A diverse library representing a specific enzyme class: we can supply enzymes in collections of ten or more which are sequence distinct. (typical time frame: from 2 months)
  • Optimized, evolved enzymes: we can use the latest techniques in molecular evolution to convert a known enzyme activity to your particular process characteristics. (typical time frame: from 5 months)

These enzymes in whichever format you require: cell paste, cell free extract, purified or immobilized.

Analytical Services:

We offer:

  • A full protein identification service using nanospray mass spectrometry
  • Intact protein mass measurement
  • proteomics with gel based or column based 2D separation
  • HPLC, GC, and mass spectrometry analysis of chemical reactions.